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Do The 180°! 




You know how important your fitness level is to your success
But, you're busy!  Your life is demanding. 




Stop wasting endless hours working out with little to no results. 

Request your free goal setting session and fitness assessment today and see how
my clients are getting results with 100% customized plans!
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Fitting in a regular workout is hard.

You need to know it's time well spent! 

There is no doubt that working

out gives you an edge. 

Fitness should never be “one size fits all”
The reason your past attempts have not worked is that you’ve been using someone else plan.
Every aspect of my work is tailored to your individual needs.
I create all workout programs and nutrition plans specific to your time constraints, health, lifestyle, fitness goals, even business travel.
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Get real and lasting results with research-backed programs

Exercise Science, Advanced Health and Nutrition along with habit training are all incorporated into your program in order to help you overcome every past obstacle and finally take your fitness in a whole new direction!

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Being fit gives you an edge, but a professional schedule makes it difficult

So much of your success is dependant on connecting with the right people, the sharpest mental clarity paired with a confidant demeanor, and an energy level high enough to keep up with long hours and travel. 

You know the better you eat and the more you hit the gym the stronger you are in all these areas. 

But, with a demanding schedule, it seems impossible to be consistent with the fitness routine that you know contributes to your success.




The solution? 

  • Tailor-made workouts adjusted as needed!  Have a week of travel? A week at home?  An unexpected business trip mid-week?  No matter what you have a plan that is adjusted for you and your location and is backed by science! 

  • Access them anywhere via our Do The 180° app!

  • Support of face-to-face coaching, but the convenience of completing your workouts at any time or location!

Discover how you can “Do the 180°” with us. 
Click to reserve
your complimentary fitness assessment and in-depth goal-setting session today.
FREE Gift:
Never "Meal Prep"

I highly recommend Alisha.

Her unique way of training through 180° is based on science, her immense knowledge of exercise routines, shaping the body, and learning to eat.

Alisha takes her time to explain what each exercise targets and how you can increase muscle and burn fat and how to fuel your system.

Jenny Arias, Washinton D.C

Welcome to Doing The  180°!
where 100% Customized =
Fitness uncomplicated

Personal Fitness Coach To 

Robin Towel,


Runner Up

within all Ms.

and Mrs. 


Pagent Fitness Contestants 

robin fitness.JPG

Personal Fitness Coach To

Mrs. International 2019,

Robin Towel

Getting and Staying Fit Does Not Have to Be Complicated Or Feel Impossible

No Matter How Demanding Your Life Is! 

Discover how to achieve lifetime fitness today with these three simple steps:

Request Your Free
steps to plan, step 1 set free session.j
Get Your Personalized Plan
BS Step Graphics for Get personalized pl
Obstacles Removed. 
Lifetime Fitness
Reach your goals.jpg
Discover how "Doing The 180°" means
even the busiest professional can
permanently lose body fat! 
Empower yourself with the
  • knowledge 
  • proven strategy
  • and realistic habits needed
to finally get and KEEP the body and
the edge in life that you desire 
without requiring overwhelming and impossible lifestyle changes. 
FREE Gift:
Never "Meal Prep"
Discover how you can 
“Do the 180°”!
Click to reserve
your free fitness assessment and in-depth goal-setting session 
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I am passionate about
showing you how to
have success in
achieving lifetime fitness
because your story
is my story!
  • Successful  Business Owner
  • Dedicated Parent
  • Didn't Recognize Myself Anymore
  • Felt I Was Losing Competitive Edge
Request Your Free Goal Setting Session and learn how I have lost
and kept off almost 80 lbs
for over a decade 
all while creating and building
successful businesses
and raising 5 kids!
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