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Do The 180°!  Fitness, Uncomplicated

Constantly  Signal  Muscle  Growth  ---  No  Heavy  Weights  Required

 You do not have to come out of COVID with loss of muscle and strength or 19 pounds heavier!  

     At 180° Fitness, I use many scientific techniques with my clients that keep them on track with their goals,

even during COVID.  

  Here is info on one technique that always helps my clients

get over plateaus 

no matter the world situation.

Alisha is absolutely amazing!

I am seeing great results and it’s due to her! I recommend her 100% 

Brittany P.  Pleasant Grove, UT



Are you a geek like me?
If you want to know exactly why and how an exercise program based on frequency training will get you amazing results, watch this video.  You will get an in-depth explanation regarding the science used
as well as a "behind the scenes" look at what it's like to be a client of mine. 
Every program I create is tailored to my client's exact needs and is backed by science so you know you will get results! 
Here is a little taste!


There are many advantages to using frequency training:

  • You only need 1-2 exercises for each body part every workout because you will be back to train that same muscle group again in just a few days.  (See sample below)

  • Big, compound moves (squats, bench press--- even with bands!) are superior to single-joint moves (leg extensions, flyes).  Being able to do these more than one time a week is one of this split's huge advantages. 

  • Frequency programming means you need to NOT go to failure with moves.  Stop short of absolute failure in the exercise by 1 - 2 reps. 

  • If you need to, rewatch the video where I discuss in detail the science behind why NOT going to failure can be a superior way to build muscle.  This is a key reason it is perfect for those with limited gym equipment! 

I highly recommend Alisha.

Her unique way of training through 180° is based on science, her immense knowledge of exercise routines, shaping the body, and learning to eat.

Alisha takes her time to explain what each exercise targets and how you can increase muscle and burn fat and how to fuel your system.

Jenny Arias, Washinton D.C

Fitness Class
           Sample Frequency Training Split

Group training is a great way to have personal coaching but share the cost!   

These programs are deeply discounted yet still highly personalized for the individual's needs. 

This package allows you to team up with your friends for fun accountability! 

Your group will be given the same program, but I will help you apply that program specific to the results you want.  Your group can train at the same time and location, or train completely separate from each other while focusing on different goals.  It's your choice!  The weekly hour session with me is held for the whole group, together

box with offer for my tech in vimeo

"Alisha tailors my workouts to be simply amazing!

We do weekly check-ins which are like talking to a friend (our hour goes by so fast) and she is always available on text/phone as needed."

Kshijita T., Nashville TN

Online Remote Coaching with 180° Fitness allows you to have:

  • 100% personalized programs 

  • In-depth coaching

  • Train any time and place you want

  • At a fraction of in-person coaching

Stop wasting endless hours working out with little to no results.  Request your free goal setting session today!

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