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Welcome to Boutique Fitness:
completely tailor-made
Training Brought Right To Your Home!
Learning to "Do The 180°"  is fitness like you’ve never experienced.
The reason your attempts have not worked before is because fitness should never be “one size fits all”. You’ve been using someone else plan.   Welcome to 180° Fitness where we teach you how to take your fitness in a whole new direction!
180° Fitness is “boutique fitness”; Every aspect of our work with you is tailored to your individual needs. We create all workouts and nutrition plans specific to your health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Then we go the extra mile and come right to your home so that you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches of travel time eating into your workout, kid-care being full or sharing equipment in a crowded gym of people who just make you down-right uncomfortable.
Training. Nutrition. Results!
180° Fitness, we are the Total Package for your new direction!
Discover what we are all about and how you can “do the 180°” with us!  Click here to accept our invitation to your complementary fitness assessment and in-depth goal setting session.

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Serving you in your Utah Co. home


Phone: 385-626-1733

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