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 Welcome to Boutique Fitness:
completely tailor-made
Training Brought Right To Your Home!
This is fitness like you’ve never experienced.
The reason your attempts have not worked before is that fitness should never be “one size fits all”. You’ve been using someone else plan.   Welcome to 180° Fitness where we teach you how to take your fitness in a whole new direction!
180° Fitness is “boutique fitness”; Every aspect of our work with you is tailored to your individual needs. We create all workouts and nutrition plans specific to your health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Then we go the extra mile and come right to your home so that you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches of travel time eating into your workout, kid-care being full or sharing equipment in a crowded gym of people who just make you down-right uncomfortable.
Training. Nutrition. Results!
180° Fitness, we are the Total Package for your new direction!
Discover what we are all about and how you can “do the 180°” with us by accepting our invitation to your complimentary fitness assessment and in-depth goal-setting session.
Call and reserve your session today.
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About Us

So, you have heard your girlfriends talking, you’ve seen chatter all around town about this, “Do the 180°” thing and you are curious what all the hub-bub is about.  Well, we are glad you are here!  Pull up a chair (or a plyo-box ;-) ) and take time to explore our page, snag some of our 180° Lean-Living Recipes, give a test run with some of our “mini” sample workouts shared here, even discover how to set S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself in order to reach your fitness goals, all for free!


My name is Alisha and I am the owner of 180° Fitness, The Total Package. I have created this space as a place for you to discover what we are all about, and if you like what you see, I invite you to experience exactly what doing the 180° is by accepting my invitation for your free fitness assessment and goal-setting session.  As you spend time here you will start to see how

“Boutique Fitness” is fitness like you have never experienced, and “Doing the 180°” with nutrition plans makes it not only possible but also practical to maintain a lean and healthy body for the rest of your life without crazy dieting.   Our philosophy is that all aspects of your training and nutrition must be tailor-made to you, and your goals!  Otherwise, you are set up for short term loss and long term gain (of weight of course).


I don’t just believe, I absolutely know that learning this 180° shift in how to approach your nutrition and working out is essential for anyone who doesn’t just want to lose 30 lbs for a cruise, but wants to lose 30 lbs so she can feel sexy in any dang thing she pulls out of the closet…. For the rest of her life!  I know it is because this is my own story.  My passion for fitness and my understanding of why “Boutique Fitness” is key to long term success came because of my own journey over 10 years ago from unhealthy to fit and then earning a degree in Exercise Science and Advanced Nutrition and Health so that I could legitimately empower other women with what I had learned...  a real way, a practical way to get fit and stay fit and LOVE the journey along the way! 


And THAT is what “Doing the 180°” is. 

We want to give you a complete new direction on your fitness and new tools along that path to a life-long ability to look in the mirror and feel like you again. 

Run with your kids at the park and feel healthy again. 

Go Mountain Climbing and feel strong again.


Doing the 180° is about empowering you to be you at your best level by teaching you what I have proven over the last ten years works.   (Hear my story here)

So, pull up a chair.  Browse our site.  Listen to what my clients have to say.  See what we are about, and when you are ready, let me know you’d like to meet me for your complimentary goal setting and fitness assessment. 

I’d love to help you discover how Doing the 180° with us can change your life!

Contact Us

Serving you in your Utah Co. home


Phone: 385-626-1733

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