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Do The 180°!  Fitness, Uncomplicated

Do The 180°! 




You know how important your fitness level is to your success
But, you're busy!  Your life is demanding. 




Stop wasting endless hours working out with little to no results. 

Request your free goal setting session and fitness assessment today and see how
my clients are getting results with 100% customized plans!
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Fitting in a regular workout is hard.

You need to know it's time well spent! 

There is no doubt that working

out gives you an edge. 

Online Remote Coaching with 180° Fitness allows you to have:

  • Step-by-Step 100% personalized, science-based programs.

  • Meal Plans that are practical for every lifestyle.

  • In-depth coaching in all areas needed to attain lasting results.

  • Train remotely at any time and place you choose.---At a fraction of in-person coaching​​

Never deal with the headaches of:

  • Information Overload--  I remove the guesswork, the plateaus, and the overwhelm.

  • Starting and stopping in your progress because of a hectic schedule and limited daily gym access.

Stop wasting endless hours working out with little to no results.  Request your free goal setting session today!

"Alisha tailors my workouts to be simply amazing!

We do weekly check-ins which are like talking to a friend (our hour goes by so fast) and she is always available on text/phone as needed."

Kshijita T., Nashville TN

Getting and Staying Fit Does Not Have to Be Complicated Or Feel Impossible

No Matter How Demanding Your Life Is! 

Discover how to achieve lifetime fitness today with these three simple steps:

Request Your Free
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Get Your Personalized Plan
BS Step Graphics for Get personalized pl
Obstacles Removed. 
Lifetime Fitness
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100% Customized  =  Lifetime Results

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Primary focus is lowering body fat percentage --burning fat-- creating endurance and overall being “fit” by lowering body fat and gaining more lean mass.

Sessions can be created for 45 - 60 minutes in length and performed in a small home gym setting, or fully gym options.

Outdoor Workout


Under 45 min per session. 

Based on your goals this can be a program designed for fat burning or building strength and muscle.
Perfect for busy people who want an intense workout, but also need it to be accomplished in a short period of time.  
If your work life has you needing to split your gym sessions between a full gym, work-place gym, home and you also need travel options this is a perfect fit.

Weight Bar
           BUILD PROGRAM


Primary focus is building muscle, strength, and endurance based on the client's goal.
Sessions can be created for 45 - 60 minutes in length and performed in a small home gym setting, or fully gym options.

Lifting Weights

If life is so busy you can't set aside one large chunk of time for your workouts this is a perfect choice.  Using science-backed research these workouts are broken up into small effective 10-15 minute sessions done throughout the day. 

This program can be created to focus on fat burning or a building plan. 

Perfect for a small home gym or office gym setting or to work around a crazy travel schedule.

Fitness Class

Group training is a great way to have personal coaching but share the cost!   

These programs are deeply discounted yet still highly personalized for the individual's needs. 

This package allows you to team up with your friends for fun accountability! 

Your group will be given the same program, but I will help you apply that program specific to the results you want.  Your group can train at the same time and location, or train completely separate from each other while focusing on different goals.  It's your choice!  The weekly hour session with me is held for the whole group, together

All Packages Include:

  • Up to 5 weekly training sessions;  Completely personalized to your health level and personal goals assessed through your goal setting session and fitness assessment.  We assess the progress needed each week so your program is always challenging you in the right direction for your goal.

  • 180° Fitness Training App.  All workouts are delivered to you via 180° Fitness app.  They are printable or you can track them on your phone, a tablet or computer.  Every move has an instructional video with cueing and tips on form.  There is never any guesswork on what to do, or how to do it correctly.   The app clearly lays out your workout as well as tracks your progress for you.

  • Nutritional plan completely personalized to your body type and goals. Assessed every 4-6 weeks and updated as needed to continue to progress you toward your goals.

  • Coming January 2021-- Recipe “Vault”:  Access to 180°s Recipe Vault, updated regularly.

  • 1- One-on-one: 20-30 minutes Zoom weekly check-in 

  • Weekly Form Check is available.  (You send videos to me by Saturday for any move you want your form checked on.  We discuss it at your one-on-one or via text/video etc during the week.

  • Fun accountability to help you create lifelong habits!

  • Weekly motivational videos and texts throughout the week to help you stay on track between our one-on-one sessions.

  • Weekly deep-dive topics sent via video for you to help you build lifelong habits of health!


You have the level of mentoring at a 1-on-1 level at a fraction of the cost, and all the freedom you need for your workout schedule.


  •  $420 a month (4 weeks) with a 12-week contract.  

    • (Similar 180° Fitness In-person package compares at $775 a month.)

      • Groups are base price plus $60 per additional person in the group.​  A group of 4 can have all of the above for less than $150 a month each!

I highly recommend Alisha.

Her unique way of training through 180° is based on science, her immense knowledge of exercise routines, shaping the body, and learning to eat.

Alisha takes her time to explain what each exercise targets and how you can increase muscle and burn fat and how to fuel your system.

Jenny Arias, Washinton D.C

This is Online Personal Coaching at the Platinum-Standard Level 


Training as a remote client with 180° Fitness online gives you the best of both worlds. 

You have complete freedom to do your workouts when and where you desire, but the depth of coaching is not lacking. 

I have carefully crafted the programs available to my online client's so that even though we do not meet one-on-one for each of your workout sessions you will have as much access to me along with as many personalized workouts every week compared to even the highest-end package available to my in-person client's.   

My standard of training is to provide tailor-made workouts to every one of my clients, and my online clients can expect the same level of personalization. 


Select the package style you feel will fit your goals, and then over the next 12 weeks as we work together I will create the specific program you need with that end goal in mind.  

Alisha is absolutely amazing!

I am seeing great results and it’s due to her! I recommend her 100% 

Brittany P.  Pleasant Grove, UT

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