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180° Fitness Fruity Frozen Yogurt Cheesecake

Yes, I did say, "cheesecake"!

180° Cheesecake that is!

Frozen Yogurt CHEESECAKE!!!

It's a fit-girls dream come true!

This recipe is for 1 serving, but if you pour them in fancy dessert cups rather than eating out of your "Bullet" like me one serving will fill two of these dessert size cups. And, while one would be a perfect dessert serving, if you are like me, you'll eat two for an even more perfect sized post workout meal!


8 oz Non-Fat Plain, Greek Yogurt (Fage' is by far the best)

1/3 C. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

1 TBS Torani Sugar-Free Salted Carmel Syrup

6 gr Sugar-Free Cheesecake pudding (instant)

1 TBS Chia Seeds

75 gr Fresh Berries (or any fruit) of Choice


Blend first 4 ingredients in bullet blender until smooth.

Stir in Chia Seeds

Pour into dessert cups or silicone freezer trays and let set up for a couple hours.

(Or don't freeze and enjoy immediately... My favorite way!)

Top with fruit of choice and ENJOY!!

Share below your favorite toppings. Did you freeze it, or eat is right out of the bullet?

Calories: 309

P: 35 C: 29 F: 6

If you have fitness goals but have no clue what your calories or meal plan should be, let me know and we can see if your goals match our philosophy and we can start "Doing the 180°" together! Until then, Click here to share the info needed and I will create a personalized calorie and macro plan for you FREE!

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