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180° Crockpot Lasagna Bake

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Step One:

1 lb extra lean (95-97%) ground meat (Turkey, Chicken or Venison burger) --frozen

1/2 lb extra lean turkey sausage (frozen)

1 diced onion

1 TBS garlic minced

1 can of mushrooms

1 can of olives

Add all ingredients into a crockpot and turn on high. After a couple of hours (depending on crockpot) crumble meat and add the sauce. If put in fresh, not frozen, this cooking time can be shortened or the temp can be put lower. Whichever fits your needs best.

Sauce: 1 jar (QT) of homegrown, no sugar or sodium added stewed tomatoes (with peppers and onions on them. I did NOT drain them)

4- 8oz cans of no added sugars/syrups/sodium tomato sauce

1/4 cup of Italian dried seasoning, I like to crush them in my palm as I add. I swear it makes a difference!

Add garlic salt and onion powder to taste at the end.

Turn crockpot to low and leave until heated through, or continue to cook on low or warm until ready to serve. The longer it "stews" the better it tastes!

Do not add Noodles or cheese yet!

Final Touches:

2 cups cooked noodles, thick hearty noodles like big shells or rigatoni work best. (cook these when you get home. Perfect timing to just add in the dish at the end of the day!) Do not add in the casserole, yet.

12 oz Italian Blend (or your favorite blend) Cheese. Reserve your portion of cheese designated by your meal plan on the side. Do not add yours to the casserole.

1-2 medium Zucchini (either "zoodled" or sliced in disks and cooked until tender but still firm. Drain WELL) (you will only need maybe half of one, but if you do the 180° shift here and cook more now you will spend 5 seconds longer tonight to save a ton of time later in the week when you need lunches, etc!)

How you make this for them and for you?? When you are ready to serve this remove your portion (or two, remember, do the 180° shift and cook in one meal for several meals to save time!) and set aside.

Add in the pasta and half the cheese except for your reserved cheese.


Top theirs with the remainder of THEIR cheese (not yours) and let it melt on the top, all "casserole-y" like. ;-) and serve to them!

For you, place your portion of Zucchini in the bottom of a microwaveable bowl. Top with your portion of sauce that was set aside and top with your cheese. Put a lid on or "nuke" it so that cheese melts and enjoy!

Don't have a meal plan? Not sure what your calories or macros should be? Click here to share the info needed and I will create a personalized calorie and macro plan for you FREE!

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