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Giant Set Biceps Tuesday

At 180° Fitness we tailor every workout and meal plan for our clients individual goals. Sharing snippets of their workouts with you is our way of telling you "thank you" for being one of our followers and allowing you a sneak peek at what our workouts would look like!

Here is today's “mini” workout!

Giant Set Biceps Tuesday! Today we will continue our Giant Set Week. We will use bands, cables, barbells and dumbbells to tap into different muscle fibers with the same moves but different types of resistance. Chin Ups *To progress this, lower and raise your body slowly with or without assist machine. Count 3-5 seconds on your way up, and on your way down. To regress it you can use a chair/band or an assist machine if you cannot do these on your own. Barbell Preacher Curl Band Preacher Curl *Use the same position as video above and grab a medium band and stick the middle of it under the preacher curl bench. Position yourself on the bench as normal for doing a preacher curl and execute with regular form, just use the band instead so it hits the muscles differently. Make sure you hold the bands so that you have tension on them through the entire move. Barbell+band Zottman *Use the barbell as shown in the video but progress the move by using a band with it. Put each end of the barbell through the handles of the band. Put your forward foot in the center of the band to hold it to the floor. Using both the barbell and the band will create tension both in the contraction as well as the elongation of the move, adding resistance through the whole move.

*By using this workout you agree you have read our fitness injury policy in the "notes" section of this Facebook Page.

Complete Personalized Training Right To Your Home!

180° Fitness is “boutique fitness”; every aspect of what we do is tailored to your individual needs. We create all workouts and nutrition plans specific to your health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Then we go the extra mile and come right to your home so that you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches of travel time eating into your workout, kid-care being full or sharing equipment in a crowded gym of people who just make you downright uncomfortable.

We do not believe in crazy dieting but teach a life changer we call “lean-living”. We personally create a plan for you based on what your body needs and then we educate you on simple and practical steps to make this a lifelong practice.

Kiss Yo-Yo dieting goodbye!

This is fitness like you’ve never experienced. Discover what we are all about and how you can “do the 180°” with us by accepting our invitation to your complimentary fitness assessment and in-depth goal setting session. Click here to request one today!

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