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Do the 180° Coconut Colada Collagen shake

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

🏋️Repair muscles 🏋️Build lean mass 🏋️Feed healthy skin, nails and joints all with this "milk shake"!

Do you 180°??? With our delicious Lean-Living life hacks you'll wish you did!

180°ers enjoy post -workout refueling treat's like this one we call "180° Coconut Colada Collagen shake". Nothing like building a lean body with a something that tastes like a perfect "cheat" you want to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Here is a sneak peek at one of the Do the 180° recipes that my clients have access to via my "180° Recipe Vault". It's a favorite post-workout treat for sure, featuring my favorite protein powder, Tromega!

1 scoop/serving Vanilla Protein (Tromega is my fav)

2 scoops/servings coconut flavored Collagen (Primal Kitchen is the only brand I like.)

1 cup fresh cut pineapple (I am using this for my post workout, so I want a full cup of fruit for my fast acting carb I need after my lift to fuel my muscle recovery. If you are having this for a meal, not a post workout, you can use half the fruit.)

Ice and water to the thickness you desire in a shake. Blend and enjoy!

Don't have a meal plan? Not sure what your calories or macros should be? Click here to share the info needed and I will create a personalized calorie and macro plan for you FREE!

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