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Do The 180° Mini-Workout of the day

Though we tailor make every workout and meal plan for our clients individual goals, sharing snippets of their workouts with you is our way of telling you, "thank you" for being one of our followers! Here is today's workout! Comment below on how you did. And don't forget to follow our link to redeem your free fitness assessment and goal setting session! The "basics" of lifting that you can apply with today's W.O.D. If you are a beginner start of with 10 reps and 2 sets. If when you finish this two times you feel that it was not enough, simply repeat the circuit one more time. If it was significantly easy, then add an extra 2 lbs to each weighted move as well as the third circuit.

Tips: your last two reps need to be near impossible. To start off your weight lifting I do not want you to go above 12 reps for each move. So, if you are at 12 reps and still have more energy to do more reps then you need to add more weight next time you do the move. If your 10th or 12th rep is almost impossible, you have found the perfect weight. You should need to shift this weight by about 2 lbs every week or so in order to keep in this “range”.

Each of these moves have regressions or progressions, making them harder or easier than this version of the move here. If this is too hard, or if you need a progression to something harder in the moves feel free to contact me. I will gladly walk you through the regression or progression of the move. Below are basic changes you can make. To progress the simplest way is by adding more weight to the move, keeping the weight but adding more reps or sets or bringing in stability challenges (doing on one leg instead of two or stability balls etc) will always challenge you more. To regress the simplest way is to lessen the weight you are using, cut back on the reps (do not go below 10, just lessen the weight if cant get over 8 reps) or add in stability (don’t use a stability ball or stand on a single leg). If you do not keep form correctly through all reps that means your body is compensating for too heavy a load and you need to lower the weight/get rid of the instability etc. immediately. Happy Lifting! #1 Walking Windmills 1 set= 24 Windmills #2 Beginner Deadlifts 1 set= 10-12 reps, keep the weight very light as you learn this move, and then work up from there over time. #3 Squat and Pump Jacks 1 set= Squat jack 10xs then Straight arm pump jacks 10xs to the Max for 60 seconds #4 Weighted 3 Squat Burn Out 1 set= Max reps each squat with no rest between styles. For this move you will rotate through 3 styles of squat, Sumo, Regular (just outside shoulder width) and narrow. Narrow = just like a normal squat but with your knees together, go as deep as you can. *By using this workout you agree you have read our fitness injury policy in the "notes" section of this Facebook Page. Complete Personalized Training Right To Your Home! 180° Fitness is “boutique fitness”; every aspect of our work with you is tailored to your individual needs. We create all workouts and nutrition plans specific to your health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Then we go the extra mile and come right to your home so that you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches of travel time eating into your workout, kid-care being full or sharing equipment in a crowded gym of people who just make you down-right uncomfortable. We do not believe in crazy dieting but teach a life changer we call “lean-living”. We personally create a plan for you based on what your body needs and then we educate you on simple and practical steps to make this a lifelong practice.

Kiss Yo-Yo dieting goodbye! This is fitness like you’ve never experienced. Discover what we are all about and how you can “do the 180°” with us by accepting our invitation to your complimentary fitness assessment and in-depth goal setting session.

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