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180° Sweet Potato Chipotle Bun and Jalapeno Avocado Burger

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

180° Sweet Potato Chipotle Bun and Jalapeno Avocado Burger

A burger your taste buds and your bootie can love!

Well, I am a burger LOVER!!!! I am also a Sweet Potato lover...

AND I am absolutely in LOVE with my air-fryer! So, what is a girl who loves burgers AND abs to do?

Take that extra lean ground meat and the sweet potato serving in her meal plan and get creative!

And. that girls and boys is how glorious things like this burger is born!

My process: 1. I took my sweet potato serving that was allowed (6 oz in this case) and I peeled and then thinly sliced (maybe a 1/4 in, think at most) long ways the FATTEST sweet potato I could find. Think "bun" and you need the surface big enough after it's done in the air fryer to at least to have small "slider" size burgers. Or, a double-decker burger like I have in the pic.

2. I then LIGHTLY sprayed them with my avocado oil spray and sprinkled McCormick Grills Chipotle Garlic seasoning on them, along with some coarsely ground sea salt.

3. I cook them in the air fryer, checking often. I flip them half way through. For my air fryer, this is a total of fewer than 20 minutes, and I cook them on the setting for fresh fries.

While they cook I take the serving size of avocado I can have for that meal, and I mash it. (In this case, it was 3 oz) It will be my "mayonnaise".

I dice cherry tomatoes, chop lettuce and red onion as well as jalapenos for my burger toppings.

I take 1- lb of the leanest of lean ground meat (98%--- in this pic I used ground elk, a fave of mine, but you can use turkey or beef as well) and mix some more of the McCormick seasoning in it along with one whole egg. Lean meat falls apart badly on the grill if you don't add the egg. Add the egg and it's not an issue. Form into patties that are the size of the portion my meal plan allows for that meal, and grill. (In this case, for me, it was 5 oz. I have learned if I add about 1/2 oz of EXTRA lean ground meat to the patties when cooked it should weigh about perfect.) Then, I put everything together as a burger and BOY do I enjoy. Let me know how you love it! And, if you have fitness goals but have no clue what your calories or meal plan should be, let me know and we can see if your goals match our philosophy and we can start "Doing the 180°" together! Until then, Click here to share the info needed and I will create a personalized calorie and macro plan for you FREE!

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