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Alisha's hack for those BBQ adult beverage temptations!

Truth is, when holidays or social events happen it's rarely the food that can throw me off track. Maybe it's because with over a decade of living a healthy lifestyle and being conscious about making healthy food choices every single day, I have created a LOT of very delicious recipes that are completely on track with my own fitness goals. The food I cook daily is so tasty I rarely fall prey to unhealthy choices out there, and when I do eat them, they are intentional and just a normal needed "refeed". But, there is yet to be a way to create a healthy "adult beverage" that can be consumed without taking us off track. And THAT is my fitness goals true nemesis! Truthfully a big juicy cheese burger would likely not do the harm to your goals that one adult beverage does.


If I invent a way around that pesky fact you can bet I will share that with you all too, from my villa, on my private island, purchased with my riches acquired through said invention. HaHa!!!

But, until then, this beverage is a fave of mine. It's texture (like a daiquiri or margarita) helps me feel like I am having an adult treat with out the regrets of what that alcohol does to all my gains I worked so hard for all week long. (Do you KNOW what alcohol does to your gains???? How much of a set back even one or two shots is??? Oh God, if you don't, you likely would prefer to stay blissfully ignorant. LOL)

This drink is so simple, and to be honest, I whip it up most weekends to satisfy the desire of having a treat to wind down with after a long week. Instructions and ingredients: This will have a daiquiri texture if you use a blender that can puree ice cubes. If not, the texture will be lacking.

Bia, your choice of flavor. I pick mine based on what craving I am needing to replace.

Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water ---- If you pick a cheap off brand, I cannot vouch for its taste. I think most other brand sparkling waters are nasty. If you use something different and it's got added flavors, it likely also has artificial sweeteners, which will change the flavor.


That is it!

I add about 12 ice cubes to my blender

Pour in about 3/4 bottle of Bia

Blend til the right texture.

Mix (not blend) in the Perrier until it has the desired "bubbliness" I want

and DRINK!!!

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