Do The 180° Mini-WOD Total Body Fat Burner

Updated: Mar 18

Though we tailor-make every workout and meal plan for our client’s individual goals, sharing snippets of their workouts with you is our way of telling you, "thank you" for being one of our followers!

Here is today's “Do The 180°” Mini-workout!

Comment below on how you did.

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See full-length videos for exercises and basic instructions below if needed.

Total Body Fat Burner -- Full-Length Videos and Instruction:

#1. Curtsy Squat + Standing Pull Over

#2. Scissor Hop + Chest Press Steering Wheel

#3. Sumo Squat + DB Curl

If you are new to working out you may do this move without the dumbbells

#4. Alternate Lunge + Tricep Kickback

**By using this workout you agree you have read our policy in the "notes" section of this blog page and website. See Here

The "basics" of performing a HIIT workout that you can apply with today's

Do The 180° Mini-Workout:

HIIT Stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and it is meant to be done at your MAX effort.

Go HARD and give each move all you have got until your timer runs out!

Beginner: 30 seconds on/10-15 seconds Rest

Experienced: 45 seconds on/10 seconds Rest

Advanced: 45-60 seconds on/10 seconds *Active* Rest (ie jog in place/jumping jacks etc)

Do one round of each at the end of your own workout for an extra metabolic boost OR complete 6 rounds for a fat-blasting HIIT session!

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