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One Crockpot = Two Meals: Chipotle Shredded Beef Base

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

TWO delicious and completely healthy meals out of one crockpot?

How can this be so?

Well, because you are learning to "Do the 180°" where we uncomplicate being able to get and STAY fit for the rest of your life. Having healthy meals available does not need to be time-consuming, hard or unappetizing. It just needs to be done the "180°" way.

This meal is a perfect example. One "base" recipe, made in the crockpot with little fuss is then easily turned into two completely different meals with no extra time!

Base Recipe: 180° Chipolte Roast Beef ©

Adjust amounts of ingredients based on the size of your family. This makes both meals for my family of 4.


  • 3-4 lb Lean Beef Roast. E.g. Sirloin Tip, Top Round or Tenderloin

  • 2 pkg McCormick Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper

  • 4-5 Cloves Garlic-- minced

  • 2 Bay Leaves- Whole

  • 2-4 Chipolte in Adobe Sauce peppers-- seeded (to taste)

  • Water


  • Place frozen or thawed roast in the crockpot. -- I prefer frozen as it keeps the roast more moist as it cooks. But if you are not sure your crockpot will cook from frozen in the amount of time you have to cook it, use a thawed one until you can be home to test it and make needed adjustments when you cook it.

  • Mix up marinade as instructed on the back of the package. NOTE: I replace the oil with water but keep all the rest the same. I use the number of packages of marinade per the instructions based on the amount of meat I have and then "round up" if needed. I find where this will be cooked into the meat, not marinated, erring on the side of this turning out more seasoned vrs bland if my roast is 1 1/2 lbs I will use a full package that is intended for 2 lbs of meat. 3 1/2 lb roast, I'd use 2 packages.

  • Add the minced garlic to the marinade.

  • Dump marinade on top.

  • Chipolte in Adobe Sauce peppers-- Slice into fine strips, lay on top of the roast.

  • Place Bay leaves in the bottom of the crockpot.

  • Add an additional 1/3 C water to the bottom of the crockpot. This is a very lean cut of meat and so will not have a lot of fat juices in the bottom when cooked.

  • Turn on low (if gone all day) or Med - High if you will be able to check it in a few hours.

  • Walk away. :-) Yep, it's that easy.

Meal 1: 180° Chipolte Roast © -- Additional Ingredients for Full Meal

Side suggestions: Sweet Potatoes, - Baked, air-fried or mashed

Baby Greens Salad

180° Ranch Dressing (See Recipe Here)

Nothing other than the sides of your choice is needed for this meal.

Meal Instructions: This meal is simple. When the roast is finished cooking, slice and eat! Add sides of your choice. I have listed some of my favorites to have with Chipolte Roast above.

When you clean up dinner, then you will put the remaining roast in a freezer bag and freeze it for the 2nd meal at a later time, or if you'll use it soon, just store in the refrigerator.

Meal 2: Chipolte Shredded Beef Tostadas -- Additional Ingredients for Full Meal

For Them:

Prepared Tostada's

Sour Cream

Mexican Blend Cheese

You could also do a side of cilantro-lime rice or beans if you need more, but for my family, a big salad and the tostadas are enough. If you do make the rice as a side, you could use rice instead of a tostada for you (just be sure there is no added fat in the rice.)

For You:

Tostada replacement: For my meal, I use a few different things depending on my mood, how much prep time I have and what macros I have available by dinner time. Examples would be:

  • Sweet Potato "Tortilla" (see recipe here)

  • Corn Tortilla (not fried like a prepared Tostada. Though you can "toast" yours in an air fryer or frying pan with only spray oil.

  • Large salad that I top with the meat

  • Or, if your meal plan allows it, go ahead and use the Tostada like your family!

  • Cilantro- Rice if you made it for your family as suggested above, make a "Chipolte Bowl" for you and by-pass any other form of "shell".

Sour Cream Replacement: Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Cheese Replacement: Avocado. Of course, you can use cheese or sour cream sparingly if it fits your meal plan/calories/macros. In general, it won't though, and it's better to replace them with this healthy fat as it is a delicious alternative.

Toppings for all: Use what your family likes, but here is what is always at our table

Diced Tomato

Shredded lettuce

Thinly Sliced Red Onion or Diced Green Onion

Fresh Jalapeno



Side Suggestions: As I mentioned, my family is satisfied with a large side salad, but other delicious sides would be cilantro rice or beans with no fat added. Depending on what your caloric and macronutrient goals are, you may be able to add these as a side for you as well. Likely though, you'll be best to stick with the suggestions I have made above and will have no need for an extra "side" dish.

Instructions: Shredd the Roast

Serve with chosen toppings and side dishes!

That's it!


Don't have a meal plan? Not sure what your calories or macros should be? Click here to share the info needed and I will create a personalized calorie and macro plan for you FREE!

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