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180° Fitness is Completely Personalized Training Brought Right To Your Home!

Our clients love us and get the results they want because 180° Fitness is fitness like you’ve never experienced.

Your attempts to get in shape have not worked before because fitness should never be “one size fits all”.

You’ve been using someone else plan.

Welcome to 180° Fitness where we teach you how to take your fitness in a whole new direction!

180° Fitness is “boutique fitness”; every aspect of our work with you is tailored to your individual needs. Read and watch the video links below to hear how our clients rave about how tailor-made fitness is what has made all the difference for them in finally reaching and KEEPING their goals!  



        (Video)   Nichole R. 9+ months happy 180° Fitness client!   

I have been working out and eating right with Alisha for almost 2 months now and I am so happy with my whole experience! She created a diet plan specific to my body type and metabolism, gives me recipes and lots of encouragement. My workouts are perfect, they are hard but empowering. I look and feel great! I am strong and confident! My self esteem has skyrocketed! The way Alisha does things just works! She teaches you to give your body exactly what it needs to let go of the extra pounds. It's amazing! SHE IS AMAZING!

Nichole R. on July 22, 2015


Jasmine S. 7+ month happy 180° Fitness client!  

Alisha is amazing! I've worked with other personal trainers before and haven't liked any of them nearly as much as I like Alisha. She really understands how the body works and how to help you reach your goals. She's willing to take the time to answer all of my questions, and make sure I'm using the proper techniques. After just a few sessions with Alisha, my husband commented that I was already starting to look more toned! I've referred a few friends to her because I've been so happy working with her.

Jasmine S. on June 4, 2015



        (Video)     Lisa M. 9+ months Happy 180° Fitness client! 

Alisha is amazing! After having my third baby, and dealing with a few injuries, it has been hard to get back in shape on my own. She has awoken muscles I'd forgotten about, been great to build up muscles and work around my injuries, and has helped me feel stronger and more motivated than I have in over a decade. Alisha is fantastic about walking me through, and explaining, everything I'm doing so I am educated about my body and my health.

Lisa M. on July 23, 2015


          (Video)   Emily P 12+ months happy 180° Fitness client!   

Alisha is a fantastic trainer! She has her Exercise Science degree -and she knows her stuff! She writes a new exercise workout JUST FOR YOU each time she trains with you. They are new, challenging, mathematically and physically calculated for just your body! During training she demonstrates each exercise before you do it, and explains how the muscles are building from that motion. She has a very keen eye on your form and your body's signs as you're performing the exercise. She can tell when your body can do more -and pushes you and your mind to do it! Talk about moving the carrot! But that's what a great trainer does! She gently asks you to do more -and you're pleasantly surprised that you actually can do it! She has good goal ideas to keep you focused and motivated on days in between training. She's clear in communication, invoices, and scheduling. She can accommodate changes to your schedule too. It's SO nice that she can come to you! Her equipment that she brings in is in great condition. I've trained with her for a year, and am very pleased with my muscle tone, shape, and stamina I've been able to gain since training with her! I've enjoyed my exercise time with her -and more to come!!!

Emily P. on November 11, 2015



        (Video)   Jenna A. 11+ months happy 180° Fitness happy client!   

I've been working with 180 Degree Fitness for about a month and LOVE it!! I can already start seeing a difference and am learning how to make healthy lifestyle changes for long-term results.

Jenna A. on April 25, 2015



Max D. 6+ months happy 180° Fitness happy client!

Alisha was a wonderful dedicated trainer. She helped both with my fitness and my eating. She is a great motivator and was the exact right fit for my situation as she came to me with all of the equipment. She has a great personality and can be exactly the trainer that you desire.

Max D. on September 15, 2015


Jason P. 9+ months happy 180° Fitness happy client!

Alisha is excellent to work with. Great energy, always shows proper form, and accounted very well for injuries and other weak areas. Also highly knowledgeable.

Jason P. on February 3, 2015


Amanda M. 8+ months happy 180° Fitness happy client!

Alisha is seriously great!! She is understanding, kind, helpful and very easy to get along with. She is definitely there to cheer you on, empower you and honestly wants you to succeed!! Absolutely love working with her.

Amanda M. on December 19, 2014


Karent T. 6+ months happy 180° Fitness happy client!

Alisha is such a joy to train with! She is enthusiastic about fitness and that helps someone like me who needs to be cheered on. She is very attentive to individual needs and goals and is very knowledgeable about how to get me to my goals. I look forward to each training session with Alicia where in in the past I dreaded working out. She has helped me kindle a fire to get fit and is helping me fan it into a flame! I very highly recommend her for anyone who wants to get fit and have a great time doing it!

Karen T. on October 8, 2014


        (Video)   Private 180° Boot Camps Testimonial

180° Fitness has fun muscle building, fat burning private bootcamps or small group training.  

These bootcamps are also tailor-made to each groups needs so grab a few girlfriends who are as committed at you are to reaching their goals and give us a call.  Alisha will meet with you all and together we can design the perfect package for you based on  the needed frequency of the classes as well as any nutritional or one on one training needed by the group.

Click here to see what others love about our private bootcamps!

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